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January 19, 2011


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Chuck Hollis

Marc -- glad you enjoyed the event so much!

-- Chuck


3PAR's use of the word 'autonomic' came after HP and IBM began using it perhaps a decade ago...and tech companies borrowed it from the medical profession. So its pointless to imply that EMC borrowed from 3PAR's messaging playbook unless you also wish to suggest that 3PAR borrowed it from others too.

And while it is true that 3PAR pushed for simplicity, it is hardly the first tech company to identify reduced complexity as a goal.

Funny you had mentioned the lame sound that accompanied the introduction of each product behind Pat on stage. I made the same comment to a friend last night. I wondered why--with all the effort spent on the event--some things seemed so poorly planned and out of place. That sound was just plain sad.

marc farley

Yes Chuck, I enjoyed it like I enjoyed the original Death Race 2000.

Joseph, of course we did not invent the word autonomic, we borrowed it. However, we have been actively using it in our marketing and messaging continually for the past several years - unlike HP, IBM and anybody else I know of.

The fact that EMC competes with us every day and is exposed to our messaging - because customers use the language vendors use with other vendors - is the reason I can say with certainty that EMC is borrowing our winning messages and using it to position their own products more effectively. It's a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" scenario. EMC is a smart company and they use all the resources available - including those that come from their competitors. It's smart of them to do it.


IBM has not only been using it, but dedicated an entire section of its website to the term (http://www.research.ibm.com/autonomic/). My first thought when they briefed us on it several years ago was "craptastic, another buzzword". Then 3PAR picked up the torch.

BTW, IBM shows up as the 3rd link Page 1 in a Google search. 3PAR shows up on page 7 then again on page 19. Fire your SEO. ;-)


So where is 3PAR's unified CIFS/NAS/iSCSI/FC array? NetApp has been doing that combination for many, many years. Yes you can throw a partner solution in front of 3PAR to provide NAS, but then you manage two different products, two different support contracts, and the invariable interop issues.


this bravado attitude is what turned us off to emc and when 'support' for our array ended, we proudly and promptly jumped ship to the newly acquired compellent (unfortunately). we were sick of a huge company with follow the sun support on a spattering of products that no one really understood when we ran into issues. suits came in with promises and handed out hardware like santa claus due to multiple data corruption incidents on our mid-range array (lost an entire shelf 2x). i now get the great 'opportunity' to deal with emc support again because of the isilon acquisition (you paid too much, believe me i'm a current customer!).

while it's cute to see vendors go at it, the future of storage kinda sucks from a customers perspective. niche companies will go by the wayside and sell out to the industry giants. i will miss the support and innovation from joe the plumber, the small guy who knew his product very well...


For the record, the broken records we were sent were facsimile cardboard replicas! I was disappointed that they weren't real broken records! Indeed, the whole record breaking thing was a bit of a let-down; I was looking forward to seeing Chuck break the record for the vertical hundred metres sprint!

marc farley

Joseph, Thanks for the IBM link - yes I see they are still working on autonomic computing at their Almaden Research Center. This includes autonomic storage management.

However, this is not nearly the same thing as actively marketing a real product that features autonomic processing. My Google search of "autonomic storage" shows a whole lot of 3PAR results and not much of anybody else. I guess I live in a storage-stilted world.

Thomas, the email address you left with your comment was a gmail address. That's OK, but it leaves the question as to whether or not you work for a vendor or have some other vested interest in this industry. This blog is not a forum to discuss HP's product roadmaps, especially with commenters that are not transparent.

dlove, the industry has matured and gone through an enormous consolidation, which means the barriers to entry for startups are much higher. Not that there won't be new small companies coming along, but not nearly at the same rate as there used to be. Unfortunately, I believe that is the way it is going to be for some time.

Storagebod, thanks for the clarification on the broken records, I should have known from reading your blog a couple weeks ago. As for me, I wanted to see the EMC social team pile into the mini - maybe with Zilla's smiling mug pressed against the window screaming something about Chuck invading his personal space?

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