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November 24, 2010


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Cool screencast. I like your style.

Chuck Hollis

Someone sent me this link -- I hadn't seen it.

Very clever, Mr. Farley!

-- Chuck

marc farley

Thanks, I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving.


It is so weird to hear your voice talk about HP that way.

Steven Schwartz - The SAN Technologist

Oh no! HP cool-aid! So out of curiosity, since HP had CASA, and now has both Polyserve and iBrix (clustered/segmented/parallel) platforms, oh and LeftHands Clustered iSCSI which also had NAS abilities, how is HP more "converged" in the NAS space then EMC?

Technically I guess you can say iBrix and PolyServe were really "custom" network file system solutions and not traditional NFS, SMB, and CIFS.

Regardless, this made me laugh! Oh no Mr. Bill.

marc farley

Well, I did start working for HP recently. A change of perspective was inevitable! Of course, the fact that HP now owns the 3PAR technology makes a big difference in their overall storage portfolio.

That said, I'm starting to see the larger picture of what is happening here under Dave Donatelli and David Scott's leadership and I'm liking it. There is a lot of focus on certain key products.

Where NAS is concerned, the strategic technology platform for HP is the x9000 (Ibrix based scale out NAS). I'd agree with you Steve about Polyserve's technology being targeted at a specific market - SQL Server - but that isn't the case with Ibrix. (FWIW, Steve is an old friend of mine in the business who works for BlueArc these days)

And CASA? Really? That is such old news. Lefthand? Not really NAS, is it. I mean, you can always front end block with file, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a strategic NAS play. I think there is a big difference in HP's single technology NAS strategy based on the x9000 platform and EMC's dual technology NAS strategy with both Celerra + Isilon.

Converged Infrastructure is the primary strategic direction for HP's systems, storage and networking products. The strategic NAS solution for converged Infrastructure is the x9000 platform.

John Martin

** Disclosure - NetApp Employee **

If I recall correctly, the rumour was that IBRIX lives underneath Atmos as it's scale out filesystem thingy and Atmos puts an object repository front end on top of that (http://storagemojo.com/2008/11/12/the-computer-science-behind-emcs-cloud-storage/)

If so, then I can't see EMC feeling all warm and fuzzy about their competitor owning a key peice of their future strategy.

I dont know whether you can do a rip and replace of the IBRIX bits for an ISILON widget, but the fact that Isilon has been munged into the Atmos organisation is an indication that someone at EMC seems to think you can.

Interesting times for a mix of scale up, scaleout and integrated flexible multi-purpose storage building blocks. Almost makes me wish NetApp had thought of it first ... hang on ...

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