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October 19, 2010


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so there really is a gateway version of the ibrix product? From what I could tell on their site it seemed their gateway product was built on polyserve (X5000 ?) with the higher end one being bundled storage(looked like MSA) and not usable as a traditional standalone gateway for 3rd party storage.

maybe I mis read or maybe their web site is too confusing!

marc farley

The ESG report talks about the X9300 as an Ibrix gateway and I trust them to get it right. I don't know about the mix and match capabilities of the various models. I'll try to find out.

marc farley

OK, here's the scoop: The X9000 is all Ibrix technology - none from Polyserve. The appliance products (9320 + 9720) with integrated disk drives are not supported as gateway systems. However both gateway systems and appliances can be mixed within a cluster under a single name space up to 16 PB in size and you can tier across those different systems. Hope that helps.

Patrick Osborne

A starting point for people to get more info is www.hp.com/go/x9000 and our configuration database at HP (SPOCK) details which block arrays are supported by the X9000 file-servings gateways.

A very popular deployment for X9000/IBRIX is using gateways with block arrays and X9720 in the same single namespace. This gives you the ability to deploy 2 tiers of block storage (FC and SATA) in the same namespace. Using Data Tiering in the filesystem, customers have the ability to seamlessly and automatically migrate data from Tier 1 to Tier 2 based on simple policies.

(Note: Patrick Osborne, who wrote this comment works on the X9000 team at HP)

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