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October 27, 2010


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Marc, Very Informative and Creative Video..

marc farley

Thanks Devang!


Hp's data center vision is very interesting. Even now there are certain racks from Valrack and APW which have built in air conditioning systems so that there is no need to cool the entire room, when you actually want to cool only the servers! Hp is the right company to take on Cisco in its vision of data centers, and we hope that there will be a healthy competition between the two that will bring a lot of innovations to the Data Center technologies!

Eric van der Meer

Thanks for sharing Marc, great video!

marc farley

Glad you liked it.


This concept is not new. Google basically created the POD concept. Their data-centers are exactly that. Simply do a search on Youtube to find out. They have buildings fill with PODs back in 2005.

Sun, HP, SGI, IBM, Microsoft and others are trying the same thing since none of them could do like they did at the cost they have.

That is on the hardware side only. On the software side they use free open source to create the rest. Probably the biggest game change in IT since firm processor in 54's.

No major IT vendors believed they could succeed with this model...and they did. Today we are all talking about Cloud...

That is why vendors tried to acquire and promote open-source software. The biggest one was the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). They tried to capture mind share and know how of startups like Facebook, MySpace, eBay, Amazone etc. The first could apps.


Great work simple drawings and informative.

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