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September 10, 2010


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Hi Marc, Dimitris from NetApp here.

Congrats on your acquisition, hopefully HP will be a good home.

Correction Re Terremark - future storage purchases for new deployments will be NetApp. Existing customers on 3Par will get more 3Par disk if they need more storage.

But you're right to be proud of that logo.

NetApp is the largest provider for the cloud but we're kinda hard to acquire due to the cost :)

Finally HP will have a decent storage product! :)


marc farley

Dimitris, your comment is a slight misrepresentation of Netapp's business. There is a DR service at Terremark that uses Netapp storage. Customers like Terremark defintiely need second sources.

I think there would be quite a scrum among all vendors over the title of "largest provider for the cloud". Beyond Cisco's stake in networking equipment, all such claims are up for grabs, subject to market and customer definitions for the cloud.

As to acquisition opportunities for Netapp, who knows? It doesn't seem like any company can be counted out these days.

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