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September 08, 2010


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woohoo! good job.

After reading that for some reason I expected a queue for theme music for Star trek end credits. Probably not helped that I've been listening to such music recently


really good album, I normally really don't like classical music, but when it's soundtrack for some reason it makes it better :)

Looking forward to more 3cV in the future!

Robert Weilheim


I think the HP acquisition has really good potential with HP and I look forward to the spread of 3PAR technology. But I have a few major concerns about the acqusition. Given the high stock price, I'd think "brain drain" due to sudden wealth and reservations about being swollowed up by the largest IT company could hurt future innovation. My local HP account rep left HP last year because of the inflexible internal HR system and unable to reward high performers or even get a simple raise. He's now at VMware!

Second, HP has really lagged with developing the EVA and keeping it modern. I hope they don't stagnate the 3PAR technology and let it get mired in internal politics and very, very slow development times. They need to put the EVA line out of its misery ASAP.

Lastly, I hope HP doesn't jack up the price since they have larger overhead costs..but they should have economies of scale to lower parts costs. If they try and price the 3PAR arrays more along the lines of EMC and HDS then it will really hurt sales.

If HP can continue the top-notch engineering, product design, roadmap, and innovation then EMC, HDS and NetApp should be looking very closely over their shoulders. Right now 3PAR was too small to really make a dent in their sales, but HP has the weight to really change the high-end array game if they play their cards right.

But if HP botches the acqusition, all the smart 3PAR people leave, and they don't deliver new features very quickly then it will be a sad day indeed.

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