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September 14, 2010


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XIV certainly seemed promising from the features standpoint but all I had to do is look to see that a single system is limited to 180 drives to rule it out on the spot for pretty much anything. And not supporting anything but SATA? How hard can it be to support 10/15k RPM drives? Maybe the back end can't handle it(which seems to be ethernet). From a drive stand point other than adding 2TB drive support I haven't noticed any change in XIV's scalability since I first came across it a couple years ago.

funny what they call the drives "Very High Density Slower Rotation (VHDSR)", I mean is SATA a bad word these days?

XIV seems like someone from Equallogic tried to make something that could scale beyond one shelf.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence but it seems IBM bought XIV not even 60 days after Dell bought Equallogic.

marc farley

EqualLogic arrays support many more types of drives than XIV - heck I think all other arrays do.


yeah I was thinking more along the lines of the ethernet angle.


Noticed the IBM interview last night and had to chuckle, what with IBM's OEM of LSI & Ntapp, plus it's XIV acquisition. Talk about pot calling the kettle. Same here very rarely see XIV unless IBM are giving it away. If they're actually wanting some remuneration for the thing, then it's pretty easy to combat. Even the midrange boxes scale better and the XIV environmental story is a joke. Mixing disks doesn't fit well with their architecture, not only the back end but also the Raid-x and wide striping etc. The whole story is, ease of provisioning with little or no upfront planning required. As such if you add multiple disk types, pools and raid levels then it's only real selling point (simplicity) is out the window.

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