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August 23, 2010


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Do you believe, as I do, that 3PAR would have continued fine on its own for the foreseeable future?

While I concede the realities of the market -- there's no shortage of self-interested investors and executives who put customers second after themselves -- I don't believe size alone has anything at all to do with viability.

Clearly most customers could care less about how quickly a supplier grows (or how large it gets) so long as the supplier never diverts its attention away from them.

My concern is that 3PAR will gain the advantages of scale, but lose itself somewhere in the product mix of a giant.


It's great to see the hard work for those at 3PAR rewarded by the market. The technical reasons above are clear examples of why I became so enamored with the 3PAR architecture.

Apparently it's sunk into with several others, those with much more influence in the industry!


I never heard of 3Par until I saw news about the battle to buy it.

Mark McClure

It'll be interesting to see if you become better known to new customers as '3PAR' within either of the two MNCs in the hunt.

When 3Com (remember them!) took over a small UK-based LAN networking company in 1992, the brand name (ISOLAN) hung around for a while to existing customers.

But the new channels and deeper pockets of 3Com took that business unit in new (and rewarding) directions. BICC DN would probably not have survived on its own, with the benefit of hindsight.

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