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August 03, 2010


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the storage anarchist

Nice demo.

Question: You say the replica "can be" of a different class of service (disk type and RAID type). Are there any recommendations, guidelines or best practices for this?

I ask because while it may be possible for (say) the primary to be striped across flash and 15K rpm spindles and the remote array to have only SATA drives. In this case, one might expect that the relative slowness of the secondary array could have performance and/or RPO implications on the source side.

FYI, Symmetrix doesn't require source & target to be identically configured either, but the best practice is that the remote configuration should be designed to support the expected write workload, latencies and desired RPO.

Robert Weilheim

That looks like some great enhancements to the conosole! I really like the "Outlook" style interface which looks much more organized than the older console. Does the new MC allow you to configure LDAP authentication? Can each virtual domain be configured for a different LDAP server in the GUI?

marc farley

Thanks Barry and Robert,

First on best practices: Our architects and SEs help customers determine optimal deployments to fit a particular customer's needs. There are many possible scenarios for remote replication, including the post-disaster performance requirements. A public cloud service provider is likely to want equal performance while a private cloud customer may decide less-expensive but tolerable is the best use of capital.

I'll get back to you about LDAP.

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