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August 16, 2010


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John Martin

Good luck Marc, looks like some fun times ahead.

It seems like Dell is moving into the storage industry by following EMC's footsteps, though reconciling the disparate technologies will be an interesting exercise, I dont think EMC's quite worked out how to do that properly yet ...

Of course if Dell was going to emulate EMC, they'd have to bundle the EQL and 3PAR kit into different classes of DellVirtualBlockMatrix (DVBM ?), but they'd have to buy a NAS vendor too ... hmm ... ever thought about working for BluArc ?

Martin G

Just so we can plan for the future, can you please tell us where you are going next...

Still, going to be interesting seeing the EMC/Dell relationship going forward!


Well, my friend, I hope you take this as a good sign and accept your fate. As you stated, there are good, talented people at Dell and my interactions with 3Par folks have been nothing but positive.

Hope to see you around soon

Scott Hanson @DellServerGeek

Welcome back ! Now if we can just buy VMware so we can get @VirtualTodd back :-) Looking forward to the energy that you bring.

Richard Siemers

Marc, pretty shocking news indeed. On the bright side, you may get to move to Texas!

This can't be good news for the Equalogic folks. I am of the opinion that 3PAR hardware eclipses the EQL hardware in every way.

Best wishes to all, I hope very little changes after the dust clears.


Drue Reeves


Congratulations on the 3Par acquisition. I think I understand the comment, but perhaps the pot-shot at Round Rock and Texas wasn't the best idea?

Austin ain't too shabby on hi-tech. Not Silicon Valley, I'll give you that, but not too bad either.


Seems that they can't keep their hands off you. Dell will keep buying your employers until they have you in their clutches!

Chris Fricke

I first saw the unofficial word on Duplessie's blog when he posted this morning. At first I thought it was one of his sarcastic rants based on the headline. Once I realized he was serious I laughed out loud. I tried to explain the hilarity to my barely awake co-workers but ... not so much.

Not that it's funny that Dell bought (or is going to buy) 3Par - I think it's a great buy and several of us out there kinda figured it would happen. I think it's incredibly funny, though, that Marc finds himself once again in the clutches of Dell (after all the teasing we've given him over the last couple of years). Well, maybe it's not so hilarious but darn it it made me LOL this morning!


"but they'd have to buy a NAS vendor too"

or integrate the IP from exanet, which is what they will do I guess

Paul P

Please Marc,

I'm begging you, do not join NetApp.

Andrew Storrs

So you're finally admitting to being a spy for Michael Dell. ;)

Farley, Marc Farley. "Shaken, not stirred... oh and with a side of rick-roll please"

John Groves


Here is my new storage business plan: Hire Marc Farley and get acquired by Dell.

John Groves

Tom Trainer


Wow! What a great opportunity for you and for 3Par! I agree with you in that Dell is very serious about storage now. And now they have access to a storage blogger who is serious about storage too - you! Looking forward to the PS60000XVS blogs where the page based data reallocation for VDI support is explained in terms that are enlightening and entertaining. Congratulations and best wishes!

Robert Weilheim

I hope Dell doesn't screw the pooch and can retain all of the brilliant 3PAR engineers. If properly executed, this can be good win-win for both companies involved. I hope Dell doesn't slow the rapid pace of development 3PAR customers have enjoyed from their products over the years.


Hmm, funny how the world turns. It seems today is a whole new day. ;)

HPfarley anyone?

Richard Siemers

And now HP is dog piling on 3PAR... $25 a share... not a bad way to end your employee stock purchase program!

Steven Schwartz - The SAN Technologist

Oh the tangled webs we weave! It will be interesting to see who wins out on this bidding war that has begun!

Long live the BORG!

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