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July 29, 2010


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Hey Marc,

Couple things:
1) I have to agree with you regarding Jeremy. As you say in the blog world, you better have thick skin, and all I can say is WT@. He is grasping at straws trying to show value and earn his big paycheck. I remember when he came to VRTS. Like any marketing guy in the late 90's early 2000 it was 'hey lets change the branding of the company', 'give it a new 'look and feel''. We/He wasted more money on that versus white papers that discussed the merits of new technology that they had acquired. Had they done that, perhaps ClusterX would still be alive!

2) On the support thing - I will say that EMC has great support. When I ran VRTS support customers would tell me, "Make your support like EMC support." - Now that said, the tools and collaboration between vendors has changed dramatically in the past 10 years so as you have again said - if you have and are maintaining customers, then you must have good support. Support has moved to one of the top 3 reasons customers in IT buy from you, there are enough companies out there building 'similar' technologies that company strength, product quality and support are all more important than ever these days!

Steve Todd

I take exception to your statement about all the "crazy social media stunts" coming out of Hopkington. First of all, some of them come out of Ireland. Have you ever read a post by Storagezilla? Look back on his posts and it can be argued that everything he writes could be labeled a "crazy social media stunt". I think you need to take a more global view here.
Secondly, there is no "g" in Hopkinton. Without the "g" the entire point of your article crumbles, because there is no such town!
Other than that, I really do like the skeleton character a little more than the rabbit and I hope we get to see more of him.

marc farley

OMG, Two comments by two of my favorite Steves! I'm trembling with excitement! So Jeremy Burton was the guy that un-unbranded Veritas - taking it from "The Data Availability Company" to something else that nobody remembers. Brilliant! Amazing that nobody remembers.

Other Steve, if there is no joy in Mudville there could be no "g" in Hopkinton either. Mea culpa! The Skeleto has a very difficult job, of course selling what the CRO's strategies determine. The big question is whether or not The Skeleto will ever learn to use the plunger, when he was a baseball bat swinger from birth.


@Steve- EMC has great support? It took them two weeks to respond to my ticket about performing an upgrade on our Avamar backup system and now they have queued me for 60 days+ for the upgrade to actually occur.

I've talked with many 3PAR customers as well as a tech from the company that performs onsite repairs, etc for 3PAR -- SOLID. I can't wait to be a 3PAR customer myself someday soon...

We sat in a EBC with EMC back in March and they went down the list of reasons why 3PAR was so terrible. Having had many great meetings with 3PAR Sales we all looked at each other and rolled our eyes knowing the total plate of BS that they were feeding us. They didn't just pick on 3PAR, they picked on every storage vendor under the sun. They are so arrogant to think that THEY are the one and only storage platform that is worth anything. They think a CX4 can go against a T400? Really???

The only thing EMC has going for them is the ability to "buy" business - they can make your initial purchase so cheap that it is close to impossible to convince business managers to spend more on a better product. But come your next upgrade? Bend over.


I find it highly amusing that the document calls 3Par out for not having RAID6, when their own documents and best practices never recommend RAID6 for any production deployments.

But then that might be why they never publish benchmarks - if they turned on RAID6 for the benchmark they'd look really bad.

Robert Weilheim

One point EMC does have is current 3PAR arrays do not support 8Gb FC, 10GbE, or 10Gb FCoE mostly because of the legacy PCI-X slot design. I would guess any next generation arrays or controllers would have an updated design to support the newer connectivity standards. Lack of 8Gb FC doesn't really worry me, but 10Gb iSCSI support would be very nice and the future option of FCoE in existing arrays.

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