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June 25, 2010


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Scott Lowe

Thanks for the guide for us newbies---er, dummies---Marc, although I'm not sure these recommendations will work for me. :-)

marc farley

That's because you aren't a dummy!

Chuck Hollis

This is a hoot!

marc farley

Glad you like it Chuck. A little re-assurance on the comedy is appreciated!

Mike Laverick

I must say i really enjoyed this blogpost it made me laugh.

marc farley

Thanks Mike!

David Siles

Funny %^#@ Mark... I think this will become an instant classic taught in the hallowed halls of all the MBA program corporate communication courses from sea to shining sea. Make sure you get the Dummy book in paperback in time for the VMworld bookstore please. Should sell out :)

marc farley

Yo David! Thanks for the callout and the good idea. I guess I need to work on the large type edition.


This is a must read for all vendor bloggers (like myself). If you need some real world examples of what NOT to do for your appendix, let me know, I have someone in mind ;-)

Now I just need to find a good mount for a steering wheel cam...


Nice job Marc- i just forwarded this out to my fellow Xiotech Bloggers and future Xiotech Bloggers - great insight. Now i need to get my Flip Camera out and start video blogging !!



I know why the 10th grade grammar is required - because if you use a term like "dogpile", you expect that the English-speaking world will know what it means. I think dogpile is a vocabulary word in 10th grade throughout the English speaking world, I heard even in Scotland.

Well done Mark - I'm asking HP corporate to replace our existing blogger guidelines with your Dummies guide. Thank so much for sharing your expertise with all of us.

Juicy hugs!

Liem Nguyen from Compellent

This is a good one. Lately I've noticed a softer side. Have you been meditating or going to yoga or something? :)

marc farley

Thanks Competitorios for your support! And no I am not going to Yoga! That is for non-vendor bloggers, vendor bloggers go to primal scream therapy.

Robert Weilheim

I think you owe an apology to prostitutes, llamas, and sheep. I think they feel insulted being compared to, or used by, a vendor blogger. :)


Based on #2, now I know why we never see video blogs from Richard Stallman.

marc farley

Bill, I had to do an image search on Richard Stallman to see how funny you were. Now I know.

Vaughn Stewart

Hey Now!

Marc, I am committed to referring to this guide prior to any future post.

It may have changed my life... No seriously, it may have.

Trey Layton

Simply Awesome!


Marc - I just got back from the mall and I am ready to do some blogging. Thanks for the advice!

Alex McDonald

O, I laughed, and hard. This is getting printed and stuck on the wall of my cube.

Marc, 10 out of 10.

marc farley

Thanks Vaughn, Trey Todd and Alex -- I hope this will make your blogging much more rewarding!

Jack Igoe

The "Look Good" episode is clearly your best fit.

marc farley

Thanks Jack, sometimes you need to go "low res"!

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