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June 23, 2010


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You'd have to search far and wide to find someone who agrees with your comments more than me.

Nobody can be the best at everything, and having the ability to go out and find the best will likely give you an edge over the competition that may seek a "stack" approach if your business relies heavily upon IT.

Stacks may make more sense in 10-20+ years when the technology in general is more mature, as-is the industry is still very young & changing extremely rapidly.


I totally agree with some of your statements. But I think open systems fails to deliver it`s promise after 20+ years. IT cost is still way to high. Exactly like mainframe was and is today. One area mainframe remain excellent is how they control storage. Something open systems do not master yet. Too many vendors and software changes required.

We have tones of standards that are not followed by many vendors and IT admin. Education, change management control and mainframe type skills is what is missing in my view.

I think client-server era reach its time and we are moving faster than ever to thin client or web base apps that deliver values for IT directors. Uptime, ease of upgrade (always beta), scalability, ease of remote distribution, faster deployment. I did not say reduced cost...Nothing is cheap in IT...

My kids never used Outlook or any similar email. They started to do the same for all Office suites, games and other PC apps. They use webapps for just about everything.

They are the next software developers and directors. They will not repeat what we have done.

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