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June 30, 2010


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Robert Weilheim

For VDI, if you assume 30 IOPS per user, 1000 users would require 30,000 IOPS. If you assume a 15K drive could service 200 IOPS, that's 150 disks. Seems to me that SSDs are needed for mid to large scale VDI projects. Certainly arrays that can wide strip help even out the load, but you can't really get past the sucky physics of spinning rusty plates.

marc farley

Thanks Robert, Yes, it takes a system with a fair number of drives and so you are assuming an enterprise environment with an enterprise-sized storage system. We have customers with fairly large numbers of VDI desktops running very well with 500+ drive arrays. I wouldn't characterize their environments as small by any means, but VDI is still fairly new and the calipers for determining small, medium and large environments are not very good.

A small amount of numbers tweaking makes the physics either easier to accommodate or harder depending on whether there are more or fewer IOPs per desktop. If the customer sees lower IOPS, say 20 per desktop, the number if IOPs and disk drives that you need also drops by a third. The same principle applies to customers seeing more IOPs, say 40, except they would need 25% more resources to handle the additional IOPs workload.



I think you've missed the real reason that Cisco is releasing this. I suspect that they are entering this area for the same reason that they own Flip Video.

By getting more people online and uploading and downloading content, they drive more consumption of their cash cow: the core router business. This is to drive business consumption of bandwidth in the same way that Flip Video creates demand for home and internet bandwidth.

They are simply driving you to consume the bandwidth through their main products. It's really as simple as that.

marc farley

I totally agree. If there are video exchanges everywhere all the time, their core business will continue to grow.

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