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May 27, 2010


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I think iBlock is too apple-like..

You hear about the new SGI containers announced today? Pretty crazy being able to fit 29 PB in a 40' container(320 sq feet) or ~45,000 cpu cores. Up to 45kW of power per rack.

How's that for a block, and it really is a block since you can literally stack one on top of another, provided you have a crane that can lift the 60-75,000(fully loaded) pound block.

I read another article on some new data center in dallas coming online, and did some quick calculations, power/space wise the container(in it's most dense configuration) is roughly 27 times more dense then the brand new data center, as far as power usage per square foot.

I guess it all depends on the scale your working at. Not that I'm working at anywhere near the scale that those containers offer!

It really is a different world when your operating at that level of scale though, most of the traditional concepts about IT and operations go out the window.

It looks like we're finally going to meet Marc at the user group meeting next week, looking forward to it..!


I'm the author of this article, and thanks for piping up. You're correct, I struggled mightily for the right word to describe this phenomenon. I think one term will emerge as the victor as the concept becomes more widespread; perhaps it will be 'iBlock.' In the meantime, I hope you keep us posted on what your customers are saying about this idea.

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