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March 25, 2010


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I'm not OK with health care reform, I could go on about how terrible it is just about as much as I can go on about how much I like 3PAR and your products(probably longer in fact). But I'll save you the rant(which as you can imagine I have spent many MANY months analyzing), believe me it's hard to restrain myself from blogging about it on my blog I try to keep my blog technical, it's SOO hard to hold back sometimes from railing against the government.

But if we ever meet and your interested I'd be happy to explain my position, you'll probably find it differs significantly from that of either of the major parties.

I went to a Dell Equallogic luncheon(I can't turn down steak especially if it's within walking distance of both home and work), and learned that I made the right decision by going with 3PAR..

All I want for Christmas is a grid locked congress..well after they repeal healthcare that is ! :)


You guys might be interested in how things are moving in the UK - the two main parties are so out of favour that we are possibly heading for a hung parlaiment - and the more they tell us that is a bad thing - the more people realize that if the politicians don't like it - then it must be exactly the right outcome, as it makes them more responsive to the electorate.
I have seen the decades long two party state of the USA and now you also seem to like neither - maybe we can move to modern democracy where we can actually vote for issues, not representatives as technology will provide that easily. I think it would be great to log on and vote once a month for what I want.

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