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September 25, 2009


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Chris M Evans

Nice video. I notice Stephen wasn't wearing a seat belt in the back.... I'm also interested to hear what he's got coming up that you're all going to be working on.

marc farley

I'm sure glad we didn't get pulled over for Foskett's neglected seat belt. And here I was concerned about his memory consumption!

You raise a good point, Chris, where is this secret thingy he referenced anyway. DOn't you want to be a part of it? I know I do!

Calvin Zito

Where was Vaughn Stewart? I'm shocked that he didn't parachute on to the roof of Farley's car and rip the roof off to give a NetApp perspective of the show and cloud storage. Maybe you guys were driving to the airport while he was heckling Chad Sakac in his session.

Also, I'd like Stephen to tell us how much he has invested in EVOstor?

As to my views of 30 year old glam rock, I love 80's music. I was rather skeptical of Foreigner headlining the party with only one original member but I was surprised at how good Foreigner was. Ed only knew the Foreigner songs that were on Guitar Hero. And besides that, Foskett didn't invite Ed, Devang or I to crash parties with him.

Nice video! Farley, don't forget my avatar!

Greg Knieriemen

LOL - Foskett is the little kid in the backseat

Chris Fricke

hehe... you guys are nerds. :)

marc farley

hehe.... hehe.... yeah....

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