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April 13, 2009


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If you recall, the name used for the EMC CLARiiON FC4700/IP4700 platform, prior to its release was "Chameleon", pointing at the duality of its nature (SAN or NAS).

Could this be a SAN+NAS box? Are they OEMing Pillar? (hahaha)

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

네 엄마

Chuckie is all over it with two posts so far. No virtualization, no thin povisioning; just the same old, same old, in a bigger form factor. Seems the Evil Macine Corp never learns. Sure, you can go there, and once you get there you supposedly can finally migate 여기 저기, but you have to pay to get there first: Remember Storagezilla's comment, EMC doesn't do free. In fact, they extort you for every cent they can get.

Repackaged entrails does not equal innovation. It's an insult to EMC customers; 날 물지, or words to that effect.


I think You should add some videos and take off the picture of them humping thats disgusting.

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