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April 20, 2009


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Truth is stranger than fiction. Especially when seen through the eyes of the SWCSA.

Sunshine Mugrabi

I like how Larry's ears waggle front and back. Is there so meaning behind that or is it just decorative?

marc farley

I like to think of these little gestures as video artifacts, in other words just deco.

Yo  uhthaw antarchist

Scott, lobs one in Microsoft's direction one last time .. I think you've effectively covered the mischeviousness in this parody...

John F.

Way funny! Spot on parody. Larry's ears and Scott’s teeth; nice nuances.

John F.

Chris Fricke

When those things giggle it creeps me out.


Naw, THIS is creepy http://www.motionportrait.com/

marc farley

I think I'm sorry that I don't speak Japanese.


Translate the site with the google language tools. The grammer will be whacked but you'll get the gist of it. It's all CGI modeling generated with a high level or realism.

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