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March 12, 2009


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Stephen Foskett

3P bytes back! Who wants to head to Fremont to TP the 3P offices? Any NetAppers in with me? Hahaha!

marc farley

Bring 'em over. We'll do some lunch. We'll give 'em another beatdown with the eatdown - ain't nobody slammin a falafel or cheez dogg like the 3P!


Wow this sucks. The Netapp rap was a clever satire on 8mile, this just misses the point and isn't really very good either.

marc farley

Adam, I have to assume you are not familiar with the storage blogosphere. But since you seem to think there something special about copping movies, here's one for you; I fart in your general direction.

Chuck Hollis

Brilliant, Marc, simply brilliant!

You've been voted the top video on the EMC internal network!

Chris Fricke

"That was actually pretty well done," he said with surprise!

I thought the Netapp one was pretty funny too - though for different reasons.

The music was definitely better, too :)

marc farley

Chris, what! U were surprised? As the bar goes higher, the pressure is mounting.....

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