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January 30, 2009


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Alex McDonald

Ach, it's a New Year. Let's try to forgive and forget. I no vote, no point in opening old wounds.

BUT, boy, is this blog worthy of a smackdown! I've NEVER refused a comment on my blog (in fact it's unfiltered) with one exception; I've got some numbnuts who keeps making stupid noises with lots of links to his poxy paper clip sales outlet. They're deleted, no others are.

If we've a technical problem where posts appear to be comment closed (and NetApp has had quite a few recently with TyepPad and duplicate posts, or posts not appearing), please, please let me know. In fact, just try one out right now, on this;


Alex McDonald

Update on no comments to my blog; see here http://blogs.netapp.com/shadeofblue/2009/01/silence-isnt-go.html A combo of bad software, I'm afraid.

Jeff Darcy

For sheer nastiness, I'd have to go with #7. Sheesh. Better wash that left hand when you're done, John.

marc farley

Alex, I apologize, I should have sent a message your way about the comment problem instead of popping it on you in a video - that was smackful of me! And just in case anybody is wondering, Alex encourages comments and posts all of them (I think) without approval first. Sometimes the system times out and throws the comment away, but that's not actually Alex's fault.

Anyway, I am intrigued by the odiogo stuff, of course, and I couldn't get it to work either (still can't for that post) and so there must be technology problems at your site right now and I'm not going to smack you for that.

I'm glad you are back more than a half-blogger again!

marc farley

Jeff, Yeah that was one of those "tweak and see what happens" exercises. Probably not John's best day.

Stephen Foskett

Number 10 was the most memorable go-round for me, with the combination of 4 and 5 a close second.

But I'd also like to nominate the quiet smack that lead to the disappearance of Storagezilla's cloudfellas, as documented by Beth P: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/storage-soup/emcs-maui-surfaces-then-disappears/

That's gotta be worth something.

I got smack, but I keep the lid on it. I'd like to think I'm too smart, but that it doesn't work out sometimes makes me second-guess that...

Alex McDonald

odiogo runs in the background, so the latest post needs a bit of time before they process it and let you hear the results. Seems to take around 4 to 5 hours or so.
If you click top right in the subscribe section on the odiogo logo, it lists all the entries for which there's audio.

The best one, imho, is the Sean Connery http://blogs.netapp.com/shadeofblue/2009/01/shurely-shome-mishtake.html Cracked me up when I first heard it.

But I won't be videoing any time soon. Too fugly.

No need for the effusive apology, btw, but it's appreciated. Keep up the good work.

marc farley

Hey Stephen, You'd probably be a terrific smacker, but once the power of the dark side starts running through you its hard to become a hero again.

Steve Todd


I'd like to see you add an SWCSA ROFLMAO category for 2008. Which post (or comment?) was the absolutely funniestin the storage blogosphere in 2008?

I believe the infamous "crotch shot" comment by Zilla (as a part of your steering wheel cam safety series) has to take down an award. I laughed for the rest of the day.


Chuck Hollis

Hi Marc

I think you forgot the "Marc Farley vs. Chuck Hollis" on your list, since you seem to be most always on my case -- this little "fun" exercise included!

Why not have people vote on that as well? I think it deserves credit for the subtle approach, but not necessarily effectiveness.

BTW, I do moderate comments, but let almost all of them though. I can change that if you're like to see more spam and incoherent rambling on my blog?

-- Chuck

marc farley

Hi Chuck, I really tried to find a good example of the two of us smacking each other up in 2008, but our exchanges fell short. Believe me, I had intended to have you and me on the list, but none of ours were as heated, extended or wickedly funny as the others listed. It wasn't exactly for lack of trying. You smacked me for being the guy who went from Equallogic to Dell to 3PAR and I tried to smack you on your Atmos announcement blog, but neither of us followed up with anything all that great. There were a few other things - including when I was at Dell and there were the League of Suspicious Avatars mangatartoons, but they none of them struck me as being worthy smackup material.

And you are right, this was also a thinly veiled attempt at a smackup on you and look at the response I got - not! You were so not smacked by it. Whatever - this wouldn't qualify because it happened in 2009.

Steven Schwartz - The SAN Technologist

He lives! Yes I do still live! Awesome to make it to the Top 10! I will return in full force, some of us have to actually drive revenue as our primary responsibility, not just write, although You'd never know that from all of my posting in Fall '08.

Miss the blogoshpere, and my return will be as glorious as my sudden departure!


John Spiers


Someone just pointed out the fact that I made the top 10 “Storage Smackups.” I feel honored. More of yours should certainly be in the top 10.

As you know, I’m at HP now, which means I may get some air-time on HP’s Blog: “Around The Storage Block” http://www.communities.hp.com/online/blogs/datastorage/Default.aspx. It’s a community blog and smackups are frowned upon, with legal cops ready to pull the trigger at a moment’s notice. HP’s culture is to take the high road and let their products and customers do the talking. The culture stems all the way back to Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard – two hard working, honest guys that got it done “the old fashioned way.”

While we’re on the topic of HP’s storage blog and smackups, I might as well throw one out there. I really admire ClavinZ pushing the HP conservatism envelope with his recent 4 part series: “Making Sense of WAFL” http://www.communities.hp.com/online/blogs/datastorage/archive/2008/11/03/making-sense-of-wafl.aspx. It’s amazing how NetApp has perfected the art of spin when it comes to their WAFL file system fragmentation problems.

Anyway, I really enjoy serious “smackup” and look forward to some battles as HP/LeftHand continues dominating the world of Storage/Virtualization.


marc farley

John, the links in your comment aren't working, could you check them?

I'm assuming that your point in bringing up Clavin Z's blog is that it was a 2008 smackup that you wanted to nominate. That's game.

Your zeal for wanting to start smacking up again is appreciated, but StorageRap isn't really a good place for an HP employee to start a smackup with Netapp. I figure that's what your blogs are for, even if HP's social media police will want to restrain you.

John Spiers

Thanks Mark,

Whoops - have to watch those dots.

Just promoting Around The Storage Block and inviting you to chime in, and what better way to start than take some hide out of NetApp.



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