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November 24, 2008


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Stephen Foskett

Oh man - seeing my eeeevil press photo float across Mark's sky and morph into Jon's... There's a whole bag of hurt there! I should never have compared thin provisioning favorably to reckless driving! I've learned my lesson!

Let's adjust the metaphor a bit. Thin provisioning is like a credit card. Sure, you don't need to pay up front, but you'll sure pay if you overuse it! Both are useful in moderation, and both get you into a world of hurt without wise management.

marc farley

Yeah, I know... that was very EVIL me. Bwah haw haw haw haw!

A credit card is a decent analogy, but there are a few major differences:

1) TP is not prone to identity theft and fraud
2) You can't spend TP storage on an impulse item at Target
3) Nobody scores you for your use of capacity on a TP array

In general, TP is most effective to store corporate application data. End user storage should probably still be done with legacy (base) volumes.

Martin G

And in I jump! I disagree, End User Storage should be done with TP...just don't allocate it all to the volume; if you do, the evil users just consume it but just keep the level of the volume about 90% utililsed, enough to worry them....enough so that you can say; hey guys, we're running a bit short, time for some house-keeping. And then if you need to increase the file-system size, you can do it quickly and easily.

Play mind-games with your users...keep them in a constant state of fear! We've let them have it too easy recently!!

marc farley

Brilliant! Storage fights back. Maybe we could make it into a comedy show?

"I need more personal storage"
"Oh yeah, what for?"
"None of your business, I just need it"
"Oh, no no no, its all of my business - and you can't have it because there isn't any"
"If I told you what I wanted it for, could you find some?"
"Maybe what?"
"What for?"
"Maybe you can find me some storage"
"Well, I can't do that if you won't tell me why you need it!"
"Ok, OK, OK, I need it to put up a web site for the company bowling team"
"Oh, the company bowling team eh?, well why don't you just go ahead and make sure your Granny can use it too to backup her old church recipes and scanned pictures of all the cats she's ever owned."
"Well now. Now that you mention it - that's what I really wanted it for."
"Why didn't you say so, I'll get you 20 Gig tomorrow, RAID 5 and replicated across the ocean. But I need access to the recipes."
"But those are family culinary heirlooms!"
"No recipes - no disk!"
"All right then, I don't want it. You can have your stupid storage"
"Wait, what if I look at them only once - and only very briefly"
"I suppose.....but how will I know that you only look once?"
"You can delete them."
"Oh, that sounds good, I'll store my Granny's digital heirlooms on the storage you give me and them I'll delete them!"

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